Subaru Occasion

505 Rue Dufferin
Granby, Quebec
J2G 9G3, Canada
Phone: 450-956-1100
Phone: 1-844-956-1100
Fax: 450-956-1101

Subaru car dealer in Granby

Subaru Occasion

Subaru Occasion is an independent dealer and service centre.

For over 60 years, Subaru automaker has built a solid reputation with its vehicles that inspire an unrivaled level of confidence. It is with great honor that your Subaru Occasion dealer provides cars with distinguished reliability. Find today a great variety of pre-owned Subaru for sale in Granby at Subaru Occasion in Monteregie. Find cars with abundant technological advances that allow drivers to enjoy a driving experience quite unique. To enjoy every day agile handling with your vehicle as well as a total peace of mind, Subaru Occasion invites you to start your search on its Internet Microsite now in the comfort of your home. Enjoy cars from a deserved reputation and that offer a higher level of security and protection for each trip. We are aware that a number of reasons motivate the choice of buying a new vehicle and the Subaru difference is probably the most compelling reason of all.

Our commitment to offer every driver and passenger of a used Subaru vehicle an unparalleled level of driving confidence and a range of courteous and personalized services allow us to rank among the best in the industry. Subaru Occasion is proud to have a loyal clientele. There are no secrets in the means we use to help you. Just knowledge, experience and transparency. Find on one of our used Subaru innovative engineering concepts, high quality and safety standards and a team that listens to your requests and needs. Come take advantage of our winning formulas when buying your next used car while transacting with absolute peace of mind with people who have your satisfaction at heart.

*Subaru Occasion is NOT an authorized Subaru dealer or repair facility and is NOT affiliated with the Subaru group of companies in any way.

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